Varsha & Pradeep is a passionate and value driven mid-size design studio in the field of Architecture and Interiors.

We LOVE being designers, LOVE our work and revel in the joy of creation. For us, a new project is not just another “infrastructure”, “building” or “fit-out” but an opportunity for creating a conductive and beautiful living environment where people can live and work in joy.

To achieve this, we start by LISTENING. Listening hard and listening with sensitivity. So that we understand your company/ institution or home culture as a whole and the specific needs of the users for whom we are designing. To us the client is the “principal visionary” and we as experts and designers ADD value to that vision and not supplant it.

This sensitivity and the ability to balance the tangible and the Intangible needs of the client into a functional, aesthetic, well engineered and yet a cost-effective design is where our strength lies.

With a practise of over 25 years and our experience in diverse projects helps us to bring in a lot of cross domain knowledge into our designs and find innovative and lateral solutions to the design problems.

We believe in spending TIME on our work, because like parenting, sometimes your child just needs your presence, not your quality time but quantity time. This in turn produces new unanticipated connections. Metaphorically we treat our project like a baby; one that needs time, love, attention and nurturing. We are thus known not only for the high aesthetic quality of our designs, but the attention given to details and the value engineering we do in all the services that are the essential but usually the invisible backbone of any project.

We have a high integrity, a fact widely known and respected in the market. We focus not only on financial integrity, but personal integrity too. We believe that for a project to be truly successful all the stakeholders; the client, the architect and the contractors need to WIN. Only then the space gets infused with a positive energy and can impact the users with its beneficial influence.

We believe in human relationships and value and nurture the same. We will continue to support you long after the project is over and the bills are paid. It’s because we would have had fun doing the project together and I am sure we will end up being collaborators in a job well done.

This may be a lot of esoteric talk bordering on philosophy to most, but to us, these are simple value systems that drive our design studio and our business.

ALL of this is clearly reflected in the testimonials given by our clients, hence I would request you to kindly peruse the same on the website. It will amply validate that all the above is not empty rhetoric. WE WALK THE TALK.

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