Pradeep Varma

Principal Architect

Principal Architect at Varsha & Pradeep Architects – an architectural practise based out of Chennai. Core principles of the practise include understanding the responsibility of architects in society and recognising and unlocking the latent power of architecture as a tool for physical and psychological healing. Pradeep is conscious that design is now a multi-disciplinary exercise and is thus inclusive in his approach, absorbing and internalising all the various inputs and influences before evolving the design approach. He also believes that buildings need to be “infused” with positive energy which happens only when the troika of Clients, Architect and the Contractors are all actively engaged and participate in the evolution; playing out the roles in an environment of collaboration, trust, respect and admiration.
He is an active member of CAF (Chennai Architecture Foundation), a not for profit organization established in 2007 to promote architecture, urbanism and education. It facilitates and promotes critical public engagement with built environment issues by organizing lectures, discussions and events. 
He is an advisor and consultant to the IIT Madras Research Park and also acts as a mentor to several of his architecture students and grduate architects. He has been a visiting faculty for architectural design at several colleges of architecture in Chennai.
A sports buff, he is an avid and active cricketer and one of the founders of the Wild Hogs cricket club. He is also a voracious reader primarily of non-fiction writing with specific interest in the interface between science and spirituality. History, Music and Poetry are his other interests.
He is a graduate from IIT Roorkee, batch of 1990 architecture.

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Associate and Senior Architect

Avinash joined Varsha & Pradeep in 2007 and has been one of the key members in the growth of the firm ever since. His value systems and commitment levels to quality architecture resonates with that of the practise and this has made him one of the leaders of the design studio. He works independently and has a rich and diverse experience ranging from Academic campuses, Industrial works, Commercial projects and Interiors. He has an insatiable appetite for hard-work and a keen eye for design and details, and is the go-to person for the entire design studio for materials, costing and vendors. He is a passionate biker with an hardy exterior that camouflages a warm and loving human being.


Associate and Senior Architect

Suriya is a personification of self motivation with a burning desire to learn. She joined the firm in 2010 and since then has grown both in skill and confidence and is now a key member and leader of the design studio. Don’t get waylaid by her soft demeanour as that conceals a hard working and creative mind that is also highly adept at site management. Over the years she has managed diverse projects from a Hotel, large office interiors, institutional projects to residential ones. 


Senior Architect

Having done her internship at Varsha & Pradeep, Chitra joined back after graduation in 2015 and has been with the firm since. She is organised and very methodical in her work and site management. She sets the bar on the efficient way she manages the documentation of her projects and is an inspiration to all in this domain. She has a rich experience in educational projects and interior works.



Having done a part of her internship at Varsha & Pradeep, Pavithra joined back after graduation in 2017 and has been with the firm since. Articulate, self assured and opinionated, Pavithra has grown in confidence and now manages her projects and clients with relative independence. She has a diverse experience in Retail and Housing projects with the firm. She has a passion for making natural self care products and hopes to soon launch her own business for the same.



Mangai joined the studio in 2018 with a couple of years experience with other firms. Her soft and unassuming exterior conceals a designer capable of sparks of lateral thought. She is very diligent in her work process and has been working on several residential projects.



Often teased for an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the OMR region where our studio is located; Vinusha is a bubbly, adept and competent architect, who joined the studio in 2018. She is very diligent and a quick learner and has improved in leaps and bounds and has acquired a deep knowledge on apartment and housing projects. She has been a great support at the office during the Work from home phase.


Senior Architectural Assistant

Deepa is one of the cornerstones of our design development team having been with us now since 2010. Over the years, she has developed a keen desire for self improvement and challenges herself to take on additional responsibilities and grow in her abilities. Her long association with the firm has helped her understand the studio’s drawings standards & hone them further.


Senior Architectural Assistant

The ever dependable and the most diligent in our office, Mahalakshmi is a key asset to the design and drafting department. In the last few years she has made remarkable improvements in her skill and speed and has developed an incisive and keen eye for detail.



Another intern who joined back after graduation in 2019, Divya is observant, hard working and spirited with an insatiable desire to learn. Her demure and quiet exterior conceals a steely determination and indomitable courage blended with an almost impish child like quality. She has great interest in alternative materials and has been slowly acquiring knowledge in this domain. She is also an enthusiastic and successful home baker which she does with almost as much passion as she has for architecture.



A little reticent to start with, Renuga who joined the studio in 2019, is now blossoming out to be a hard working and sensitive architect who has been contributing very steadily to the progress of the projects in the office. She has also a new found interest in home baking and has found initial success in this domain too.


Process Manager

If ever there was a heart of gold; then Jennifer must be having one. Compassionate and passionate, with a zeal for life inspite of several odds, Jennifer is the systems and process manager and our front office resource and the backbone of the office since the time she joined in 2006. She shepherds the various teams on the SOP’s to be followed for office works and projects; manages vendor & project databases and the social media accounts for the firm. She does have one weakness though, biriyani.


Admin and Accounts Manager

Man Friday; or in Tamil Nadu he could have earned the sobriquet of “all-in-all Arumugam”; that’s Thangaraj. Rising from the rank of an “office boy” today he manages the entire administrative, accounts and network infrastructure. Unlike Jennifer, his weakness is more widespread (pun intended) – as in; he loves all kinds of food.

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